Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is upon us, and with it comes a brand new Battle Pass

Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is upon us, and with it comes a brand new Battle Pass. Here’s everything you need to know about the Battle Pass, including cost, content and what’s new between this Season’s Battle Pass and previous seasons.

What It Costs

The Battle Pass is available now and costs 950 V-Bucks for the basic version or 2,800 V-Bucks for the expanded Battle Bundle version. This works out to roughly $9.50 for the basic version or $28 for the Battle Bundle depending on how many V-Bucks you purchase at a time.

fortnite v bucks generator Of course, if you played through Season 8 and didn’t spend any of the V-Bucks you earned you should be able to purchase the basic Battle Pass for free.

The basic version will get you started on the Battle Pass with a few tiers, two new skins and an a handful of cosmetics. The Battle Bundle will get you all that plus 25 more tiers, including XP bonuses, V-Bucks and a third skin.

The Season 9 Battle Pass contains a ton of new cosmetics. CREDIT: EPIC

New Battle Pass Cosmetics

You can see a rundown of all the Battle Pass cosmetics, including wraps, contrails, pickaxes, music, pets and more found in Season 9 here.

Epic Games gave bans to more than 1,200 Fortniteaccounts and revoked cash prizes for cheating Fortnite’s World Cup

Epic Games gave bans to more than 1,200 Fortniteaccounts and revoked cash prizes that more than 200 players had won following Epic’s investigations of cheating in the first week of Fortnite’s World Cup Online Open. The crackdown caught cheaters who had played in multiple regions, shared accounts and teamed up, and one account was even permanently banned for using cheat software.

That cheater (whom Epic did not name) used the cheat software during the tournament’s semifinals. The account involved had played “for less than five minutes” before being discovered and banned, Epic said. The great majority of the other accounts sanctioned received two-week bans for their misconduct.

Of them, 196 players forfeited their winnings after they were caught circumventing region locks to play in several regions. Epic said that will change the prize payouts for others in the tournament, but their improved finishes won’t be reflected on Fortnite’s in-game leaderboard.

Nine prize winners lost their money for sharing accounts, and one winner’s earnings were vacated for teaming. Epic Games said it has added a “real-time teaming detection algorithm” to its competitive play. Teaming, in which players in a solo mode work cooperatively and create a competitive disadvantage for others, can get players banned even in competitive non-tournament play. Custom matches aren’t monitored for teaming.

After the first week of solo-play qualifiers ended, two players — including one who qualified for the World Cup — were accused of cheating. Epic Games appeared to reference this in its note to the community yesterday.

“We appreciate the community’s concern around the integrity of the competition,” the studio said, “but questioning the results of an individual participant without direct evidence unfairly tears apart what should be a crowning moment of achievement for an individual or team who earned their way there and performed when it counted.

“Our primary goal is to support competition that is fun, inclusive, and in line with the overall spirit of Fortnite v bucks generator it added. “Unsportsmanlike conduct from participants is not within that spirit, and will not be tolerated in Fortnite competition.”

The Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournament qualifiers got started April 13 and will continue for the next nine weeks. The second week of qualifiers will focus on Duos play. Winners cash in on a $1 million prize pool, and the best performers are tabbed for the World Cup of Fortnite, to be held July 26-28 in New York. This post has more about the tournament format.

qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup kick off on April 13

The finals for the £30m tournament will be held from July 26-28 in the 23,000 capacity Arthur Ashe stadium in New York  — the same stadium where the biggest matches of the US Open tennis tournament are played

Everyone who goes will get a free battle pass for season 10 and a bunch of V-bucks to spend on cosmetics in-game.

While ranking Fortnite v bucks generator players’ chances is notoriously difficult due to the amount of luck needed to win any one game, the biggest tournaments have enough matches to see the best players come out on top.

Current favourite is Timothy “Bizzle” Miller of Ghost Gaming.

He’s already earned nearly £80,000 in prize money this year alone, taking him to the top of the Fortnite lifetime competitive earnings chart, according to

Bizzle also sits at the top of some ranking charts that attempt to rate player’s success mathematically.

In an attempt to keep tickets out of the hands of scalpers a special FortniteTicketmaster Verified Fan website has been set up.

Register there and you’ll be the first to know exactly when tickets go on sale.

It follows another huge Fortnite tournament earlier in the year held alongside the Australian Open.

If you’d rather be playing than watching, though, qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup kick off on April 13, with ten tournaments planned every week until June 22.

They will all be online only and open to everyone, and will have £7.5m in prize money up for grabs for top performers.

If you want a spot in any of the online opens you’ll need to compete in the new Arena Mode during the week preceding the Open you’re aiming for.

Rank up and reach the Champion League, and you’ll also secure a spot in the Online Open for that week.

The very top performers from each event will then face off in the World Cup Finals, a three-day-event being held in New York this summer.

If you make it through to NY, you’ll be competing for a slice of the £23m ($30m) prize pool.

The tournaments will alternate between free-for-all events and teams of two.

Qualifiers will have three hours each Saturday to complete  up to ten matches — and the best 3,000 players will then have to do it all again on the Sunday, this time with $1m on the line, as well as around 20 places in the World Cup finals for solos and 10 for duos.

For solo players there will be 16 places each week going to players from North American and European servers, with between 5 and 7 going to players from servers in Asia, Oceania and Brazil.

For duos there are 8 spots for North American and Europeans players each week, and a total of 3 spots each for Asia, Brazil and Oceania across the whole qualifying period.

his is my favorite of the animals. Just look at its little round belly! The Fortnite Season 8

this is my favorite of the animals. Just look at its little round belly! The Fortnite Season 8, Week 6 challenges are a bit of a return to form, and one of the most classic challenges on offer asks you to go visit a bunch of animals around the map: first a rabbit, then a llama, and then finally a pig free v bucks generator. It’s a traditional sort of challenge, and one that’s going to be either easy or hard depending on whether or not you already know where these things are. Luckily, we’re here to help if you can’t seem to locate them on their own. Read on for a map, guide and location for where to visit a stone pig in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

For the rest of the animals, click here:

Go here to see how to solve all week 6 challenges. For where to visit the 5 highest elevations on the island, click here. For where to search for where the knife sits on the treasure map, click here. 

We’ve already done a wooden rabbit and a metal llama, so let’s finish things out. The stone pig is way down in the southern part of the map, near where the desert biome meets the “normal” biome. It’s right by Lucky Landing, too. Here’s where you’re going:


And here’s what it looks like on the ground:

Leaked Fortnite challenges for Week 6 of Season 8

As is usually the case every week, data-miners have gone through new game files to discover and leak the upcoming week’s challenges well in advance of their release.

The Week 6 set will include a total of seven challenges, as usual, three of which will be available to all players and the other four only to those who own the Season 8 Battle Pass. 

Get elimination with Boom Bow/Flintlock Pistol | Week Six challenges

One of the Battle Pass exclusive challenges for Week Six will be to get an elimination with either the Flintlock pistol or the Boom Bow, which hasn’t even yet been added in Fortnite v bucks generator.

However, the emergence of these challenges pretty much confirms that the Boom Bow will be added between now and when these challenges go live, as had been suggested by prior leaks for the new weapon.

For those who are hearing about the Boom Bow for the first time, leaks suggest that it will be a bow that features ballistic arrows that will explode upon contact with enemies or the environment.

The yet-to-be-released Boom Bow can be spotted in the Season 8 Week 5 loading screen.

Land at five different locations | Week Six challenges

As has become standard for quite a while now, Week 6 will feature a multi-stages location-based challenge that will require players to land at these five different locations.

  1. Fatal Fields
  2. Lazy Lagoon
  3. Shifty Shafts
  4. Frosty Flights
  5. Sunny Steps

In order to complete this challenge, players must land at these locations in the order presented above, as each location-based objective becomes available only after the previous one has been completed.

It’s also worth noting that players must land at these locations when dropping down from the Battle Bus and cannot simply visit them during the course of a match.

The fifth and final location where players have to land at will be Sunny Steps, one of the newest locations in Fortnite.

Leaked Fortnite challenges for Week 6 of Season 8

Free Challenges

  • Visit a wooden rabbit, a stone pig, and a metal llama – 5 Battle Stars
  • Visit the 5 highest elevations on the island – 5 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (3) opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights – 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1/5: Land at Fatal Fields – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2/5: Land at Lazy Lagoon – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 3/5: Land at Shifty Shafts – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 4/5: Land at Frosty Flights – 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 5/5: Land at Sunny Steps – 1 Battle Star
  • Search where the knife points on the Treasure Map loading screen – 5 Battle Stars
  • Get an elimination with a Flint-Knock Pistol or Boom Bow – 10 Battle Stars
  • Use (2) different throwable items in a single match – 10 Battle Stars

These challenges come courtesy of prominent data-miner Lucas7yoshi_, who has proven himself to be a trusty source for these types of leaks in the past.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 5 Race Track Happy Hamlet

he precise challenge says, “complete a lap of the race track in Happy Hamlet,” but based on our experiences, it has to be done with a Baller and not with any other vehicle. We attempted it with a Quadcrasher and it didn’t work. Step one is going to be finding a baller, so reference our map for doing just that:

Must Read: ‘Fortnite’ Week 4 Challenge: How to Find the Baller

The race track itself is a brand-new map addition introduced Wednesday as part of the version 8.20 update. It is directly west of Happy Hamlet and just slightly to the north. Look for the white and orange cones and barriers lining the course and then locate the starting point. Note that the course flows west from the start, and you probably can’t do it backwards.
The new race track is directly west of Happy Hamlet.

You can see on the map or from the sky exactly where the dirt path loops through the snow. There are several Baller spawn points located at the start of the track, but if you’re hoping to complete this challenge shortly after it’s unlocked, chances are those will be taken by other players immediately.

We advise heading to the expedition outpost northeast of Happy Hamlet where there are several other Baller spawns, and then heading southwest to the starting point.

The course is fairly straightforward but there’s at least one big surprise. Like in vehicle timed trials, you have to drive through a series huge loops of blue-white light. The next v buck generator one appears whenever you drive through the one that precedes it. About halfway through, you have to use the Baller grapple on an icy arch to swing through the checkpoint.

It’s pretty baller (pun intended).

Half the fun is racing against enemies and grappling directly to other Ballers. As far as challenges go, this one’s pretty fun and introduces a new part of the map in an engaging way, so we’re here for it.

Players should be aware of another Week 5 challenge to use a volcano vent, zipline, and vehicle. After using the Baller, ride it northeast in search of volcano vents and ziplines. Also consider rolling north to Shifty Shafts, where you have to open chests for yet another Week 5 challenge.

Based on the in-game countdown to the end of Season 8, players have until Wednesday, May 8 to complete these and other challenges, so there’s still more than a month until Season 9

Media via Epic Games, InverseRelated Stories


Things are getting real in Season 8, finally. It’s been a pretty tame few weeks for Fortnite here

Things are getting real in Season 8, finally. It’s been a pretty tame few weeks for Fortnite here, but a new development in the southeastern corner of the map might point to the first real movement we’re seeing with whatever is going on with this Pirates/Ninjas/Dragons/Fire Warriors/A bunch of other folk conflict. It’s an excavation site that just popped up near the desert biome, and it’s more active than you might guess. You can actually hop into the pit and start digging with your pickaxe, slowly doing damage at all the rocks down in there. You’ll notice that each rock comes with a colossal HP bar that goes down as you hit it. What you’re seeing is every player in Fortnite v buck generator doing damage to that rock at the same time, and your strikes are just a small part of it.

What’s down at the bottom? We’ll just have to see. Here’s where it is:


Astute readers will remember that we saw something very similar last season with an Iceberg that took real-time damage back in Season 7. That had all the markings of a technical test: it was stuck on an island separate from the main landmass where few players would casually find it unless they were specifically looking. And when all was said and done there was nothing interesting beneath it, just another one of those Lost-style mystery hatches.

There’s reason to believe that the iceberg was a technical test for what we’re seeing today (in addition to other things later on). Placing the excavation site on the main island means that players are going to find this thing on their own, and the pit itself is more elaborate. We’re now doing damage to individual rocks rather than the whole mass at once, so it’s going to be easier to envision progress as we start making our way to the bottom of the pit. Also worth noting that it doesn’t seem you can do damage with weapons this time around: this is pickaxe only.

There are already some bones sticking up out of some of these rocks, so we’ll at least see that. But there are likely more interesting treasures down there too. I still maintain that this whole “every player does damage to a single target” concept is a dry run for a full-scale world boss, and who knows? There might be some great monster hiding down there at the bottom.

31% of UK households have changed their internet service because of online games like Fortnite

31% of UK households have changed their internet service because of online games like Fortnite, according to a report from financial services company MoneySuperMarket. (Sorry, beyond the mention of Fortnite v bucks generator, the report doesn’t break down which other games are motivating people to upgrade.)

The switch to improved internet has cost each UK household an average of £184.32 annually, so it seems people are willing to spend in order to ditch the lag and improve those pings. This is all based on a survey of 2,011 Brits, which was more generally focused on the state of internet service in the UK and what users want out of their service providers.

The UK is lagging – so to speak – behind other countries in terms of broadband speed, sitting in 34th place internationally at an average speed of 16.44Mbps.

Generally accepted minimum broadband speed is 10Mbps, which 4% of UK homes do not meet. That accounts for 2% of homes in urban areas, but a full 17% of rural homes.

Read more: Check out the best battle royale games

Fortnite player count is closing in on 250 million registered users – which, in a funny enough note, is about four times the UK population. It should not be surprising to see that those numbers are significant enough to drive internet service decisions, especially when paired with the millions of other online games people are playing.READ MOREFortnite Island CodesAll Fortnite skinsFortnite Creative codesBUY NOW

Fortnite tile

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s latest vehicle, The Baller, has been temporarily disabled

Epic Games decided to take the vehicle out of the game to investigate stability issues with the spherical device. Epic also said that it will roll out a status update once the team knows more about what’s going on.

The Baller was added in last week’s version 8.10 update, but it’s had plenty of issues since it was released. For starters, one bug with the vehicle can kill a player instantly if they’re near the Volcano.

Some players have even been able to launch themselves into the sky and out of the map, unable to move at times. The problems don’t stop there, however, which is probably why Epic v buck generator sought to get rid of the item as soon as possible.

There’s no word on when The Baller will return yet, or if it will ever return at all, so keep your eyes peeled on Epic’s social media accounts to find out more.

Update March 18 11:28am CT: Epic has “collected the data we were looking for and have re-enabled The Baller.”

the ability to call in a supply drop on your position during a game of Fortnite

The Supply Spawner, a concept created by Reddit user Duover, would allow players to call in a supply drop that would arrive within a 20-meter radius of their position after a minute waiting period.

While it clearly has been inspired by the current supply drops in-game, having the ability to call a drop in directly on your location would be a great change – especially in a pinch when you’ve had a poor looting start to the game. 

While the idea seems to be well thought out v buck generator, there is one small omission that would be vital during games – how are enemies alerted to a supply drop being called in?

The location of the current, random, supply drops is shown on the in-game map with a small crate icon, with the ballon it arrives with being visible to players. There is also smoke to help alert players to its location.

Being able to alert enemies to the position of the drop can change things as it then can be used as bait for a trap.
Loot Llamas have gone through some changes but still drop loot

Fortnite v bucks generator fans have come up with similar concepts in the past. Reddit user ApeLandscape had the idea of ‘The Safe’ which was another twist on the supply drops that would guarantee a legendary weapon – but came with a significantly longer opening time that current drops.

Epic Games have already shown a willigness to change things up when it comes to adding new ways to find items – be it through the Loot Llamas or Vending Machines.