the ability to call in a supply drop on your position during a game of Fortnite

The Supply Spawner, a concept created by Reddit user Duover, would allow players to call in a supply drop that would arrive within a 20-meter radius of their position after a minute waiting period. Read More: Stats leaked for Fortnite’s new Flintlock pistol While it clearly has been inspired by the current supply drops in-game, having […]

Now, here’s a twist: “Fortnite” has competition. Electronic Arts a month ago dropped “Apex Legends,

Now, here’s a twist: “Fortnite” has competition. Electronic Arts a month ago dropped “Apex Legends,” its own free-to-play multiplayer team combat game, and it might be hotter than “Fortnite.” It has grown as much in a month as “Fortnite v buck generator” did in four. The “Fortnite” developer is already copying features. So what makes this […]

Epic have really been doing well with Fortnite, which seems to be an invitation for lawsuits these days

As it turns out, Ribeiro’s request to copyright the Carlton Dance has recently been shot down by the US Copyright Office. They found that “the combination of these three dance steps is a simple routine that is not registerable as a choreographic work”. Interestingly, being denied the request to copyright a dance should’ve spelt the end of […]

New audio improvements are coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale in the next game update

An audio team developer called Seth said that Epic is noticing that players have been talking a lot about sound and audio in general since season eight was released. Because of this, he shared a bit about what will be improved in future updates—even as soon as the upcoming patch. Related: Ninja surpasses 100,000 kills in Fortnite: […]